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FERRAZ SHAWMUT offers a comprehensive line of Form 101
semiconductor protection fuses in ratings from 130 to
1500VAC. Plus, Square Body North American and European-
Dimension semiconductor fuses in 690/700 and 1250/1300V
ratings (four sizes of each). Plus, compatible fuse blocks and
accessories such as blown-fuse indicators, Trigger switch
indicators, and add-on switches.

BUSSMANN offers a complete range of North American blade
and flush-end style fuses and accessories. Their design and
construction were optimized to provide:
  • Low energy let-through
  • Low watts loss
  • Superior cycling capability
  • Low arc voltage
  • Excellent dc performance
North American style fuses provide and excellent solution for
medium power applications. While there are currently no
published standards for these fuses, the industry has
standardized on mounting centers that accept Cooper
Bussmann fuses. All Cooper Bussmann North American style
fuses are tested at their rated voltage. Cooper Bussmann
should be consulted for applications exceeding those values.

LITTELFUSE semiconductor fuses are designed to protect
today's equipment and systems. Littelfuse semiconductor fuses
are manufactured with Littelfuse-developed technology that
sets tomorrow's standards for accuracy, consistent quality,
reliability, and predictable performance. By using advanced
metallurgical, polymer, and materials research; mathematical
modeling, and computerized statistical analysis; Littelfuse
engineers have redefined "State-of-the-Art."

Designed specifically for supplementary protection of
semiconducting devices such as silicon controlled rectifiers
(SCR's), diodes, thyristors, triacs, transistors, and similar solid-
state devices. These devices are used in power equipment
including variable speed drives, power rectifiers, UPS systems,
DC power supplies, and in a wide range of electronic
equipment. May be used wherever extremely fast-acting,
current-limiting fuses with no time delay are required.
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