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A240R2R - A240R24R
A480R2R1 - A480R24R1
A480R2R1HE - A480R24R1HE
A051B1DAR0_2R - A051B2DAR0_38R

A055F1D0R0_10E - A055F2D0R0_450E
A155F1D0R0_10E - A155F2D0R0_100E
A055B1DAR0_10E - A055B2DAR0_450E
A055C1D0R0_10E - A055C2D0R0_600E
A155C1D0R0_10E - A155C3D0R0_300E
A240T1/2E - A240T5E
A480T1/2E - A480T5E
A500T1/2E - A500T5E
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