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  • A4BY - When it comes to protecting service entrance
    equipment, feeder circuits, and circuit breakers, A4BY
    fuses have been the industry’s favorite. The A4BY is a
    100% rated device and may be applied at continuous
    currents up to its ampere rating. A 4-second minimum
    time-delay at 500% rating allows the A4BY to pass
    normal current surges and to coordinate with ground
    fault relays.
  • A4BT - The high interrupting rating of A4BT current
    limiting fuses is ideally suited for protecting mains,
    feeders, and general circuits. The 10-second time-delay
    at 500% of fuse rating is ideal for large motors and other
    loads with a high inrush. A4BT fuses are suitable for DC
    applications up to 500VDC. An A4BT fuse can be
    applied to normal loads up to its full ampere rating to
    allow 100% rating of equipment.
  • A4BQ - Amp-trap 2000® A4BQ fuses are 20% more
    current limiting than any other Class L fuse on the
    market. When correctly coordinated, they bring a
    superior level of protection to service entrance
    equipment. Downstream circuit components have
    maximum protection against short circuit let-thru current.
    A4BQ’s built-in, 4-second time delay characteristic (at
    500% of rated current) accommodates harmless inrush
    currents with no nuisance opening.

  • KRPC_SP fuses are Time-delay fuse – 4 seconds
    (minimum) at 500% rated amps. Construction: Glass
    melamine tube with silver-plated end bells and blades.
    High grade silica-sand filler to quenchfuse arc. O-ring
    seals to maximize pressure build-up during current-
    limiting action and ensure filler retention. Ratings:
Volts — 600Vac (or less)
       — 300Vdc (601-2000A)
Amps — 601-6000A
           (use KRP-CL for current ratings under 601A)
  IR — 300,000A RMS Sym.
      — 100,000A dc
  • KLU fuses are Time-delay, bolt-mount fuse - 5 seconds
    (minimum) at 500% rated amps. See KRP-CL for amp
    ratings below 601A. Ratings:
Volts — 600Vac (or less)
Amps — 601-4000A
  IR — 200,000A RMS Sym
  • KTU fuses are Fast-acting, bolt-mount fuse. Ratings
Volts — 600Vac (or less)
Amps — 601-6000A
  IR — 200,000A RMS Sym

  • KLPC series POWR-PRO fuses provide ideal
    overcurrent protection for circuits from 200 through 6000
    amperes. KLPC series POWR-PRO fuses specification-
    grade construction and performance meet or exceed the
    most stringent project specifications: 99.9% pure silver
    links, silverplated copper end bells, glass-reinforced
    melamine bodies, O-ring seals between body and end
    bells, and granular quartz fillers. KLPC series POWR-
    PRO fuses are the only UL listed Class L fuses that
    provide a minimum of ten seconds time delay at 500%
    rated current and are also as current-limiting as the
    fastest Class L fuse on the market. On average, the
    peak let-through currents of KLPC series fuses are 10%
    less than any other time-delay Class L fuse.

  • LDC series Class L fuses represent another first in fuse
    protection. LDC series fuses are the first UL Listed 600
    volts AC and DC Class L fuses. Since they may be used
    for both AC and DC, they eliminate the concern that AC
    only fuses may be inserted into DC circuits. While LDC
    series fuses UL Listed DC interrupting rating is more
    than adequate for most applications (50,000 amperes at
    a 16 millisecond time constant), tests in our high power
    laboratory have shown that this remarkable fuse is
    capable of performing at much longer time constants.
    This makes the fuse uniquely suited for applications
    such as crane rail circuits and mass transit systems.
    Contact the factory for application information. For AC
    only systems, consider the use of POWR-PRO KLPC
    series fuses. They have a full 10 seconds time-delay at
    500% rated current, and have a wider range of ratings.

  • KLLU series UL Listed, time-delay, Class L fuses are
    quality fuses, developed to provide a somewhat lower
    priced alternate to the POWR-PRO® KLPC series fuses.
    KLLU series fuses meet or exceed all UL requirements
    for Class L fuses. For superior protection and
    performance, specification- grade POWR-PRO KLPC
    series fuses are the recommended fuse. Complete
    information on KLPC fuses may be found in the POWR-
    PRO Fuse section of this catalog.

  • LCL series (300 - 6000A) Time-Delay 600Vac or Less
  • LCU series (601 - 6000A) Fast-Acting 600Vac or Less
  • Edison Class L fuses, Catalog Numbers LCL time-delay
    or LCU fast acting are recommended for high capacity
    main, feeder or branch circuits in power distribution
    systems and for special applications such as system
    upgrading, install ahead of network protectors, etc. The
    choice of LCL or LCU depends on the extent of mixed
    inductive and non-inductive loads diversity. Apply LCL
    fuses for protection of large individual motor circuits.
    Size LCL fuses at 150% or more of the motor nameplate
    current rating by checking starting characteristics
    against minimum melt Time-Current Curve.
  • Install Class L Fuses in switches rated 601-6000 amps
    and in AMP RATINGS and “time-delay” or “fast-acting”
    types as shown on the plans. Installed and spare “time-
    delay” fuses shall be Catalog Number LCL and “fast-
    acting” fuses shall have silver links and be Catalog
    Number LCU.
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