Medium Voltage Capacitor Fuses
Ferraz Shawmut capacitor fuses are
designed to ANSI C37-41. They are
current limiting operating without noise or
discharge and are designed to be used
indoors in a general purpose enclosure
or outdoors in a weatherproof enclosure.
These are non-disconnecting fuses
requiring the use of a disconnect switch.
These capacitor fuses provide both short
circuit and overload protection and are
intended to protect against capacitor
case rupture or dielectric failure within the

The various mounting configurations offer
manufacturers a wide range of cost and
space saving solutions and a large
choice of equivalent products to users.
Select The Series You
Are Looking For
  • High interrupting capacity
  • Current limitation
  • Blown fuse indication
  • Direct mount
  • Clip style mount
  • Bus mount
  • Non-venting for silent operation
  • A100C
   AC: 25 to 125 Amp1000V    
   Maximum, 50 kA I.R. Sym.
  • A150C
   AC: 25 to 200 Amps,1500 V
   Maximum, 40 kA I.R. Sym.
  • A250C
   AC: 25 to 200 Amps, 2500 V
   Maximum, 50 kA I.R. Sym.
  • A300C
   AC: 50 to 175 Amps, 3000 V
   Maximum, 50 kA I.R. Sym.
  • A430C
   AC: 6 to 100 Amps, 4300 V
   Maximum, 65 kA I.R. Sym.
  • A550C
   AC: 6 to 50 Amps, 5500 V
   Maximum, 65 kA I.R. Sym.
Catalog Numbering System
A100C Series
A150C Series
A250C Series
A300C Series
A430C Series
A550C Series
Medium Voltage Fuses
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