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  • Amp-trap 2000® SmartSpot® AJT fuses now provide a
    visual open fuse indicator. With advanced material
    technology added to the existing product line the AJT
    fuse provides IEC Type “2” (No Damage) protection to
    main, feeder, and branch circuits, for all types of loads
    — yet, they require only half the mounting space needed
    for 600VAC Class RK fuses. AJT’s time delay
    characteristics for handling typical in-rush currents, its
    current limiting ability.
   AC: 1 to 600A 600VAC, 200kA I.R. (self certified for  
          600VAC, 300kA I.R., UL witnessed)
DC: 1 to 600A 500VDC, 100kA I.R.

  • A4J Class J fuses deliver excellent current-limiting
    protection to a wide variety of applications. Their unique
    dimensions prevent the substitution of other fuses with
    lower voltage ratings, interrupting ratings, or current-
    limiting capability.
   AC: 1 to 600A 600VAC, 200kA I.R.
DC: 1 to 600A 300VDC, 100kA I.R.

  • The new High Speed J (HSJ) combines the low I2t of a
    semiconductor fuse and the branch circuit performance
    of a Class J UL listed fuse. This fuse was designed for
    the starting characteristics of solid state motor
    controllers. The HSJ can provide branch circuit
    protection per NEC requirements, as well as very low I2t
    for protection of power semiconductors such as Diodes,
    SCR’s, GTO’s and SSR’s.
   AC: 1-600A 600VAC, 200kA I.R. 300kA I.R. Self
DC: 15-600A 500VDC, 100kA I.R. L/R 10mS

  • LPJ_SP Class J
   Description: Dual-element, time-delay fuse; 10    
   seconds (minimum) at 500% rated amps. Now         
   available with optional permanent indication on
   select ratings.
Construction: Copper fuse element.
           Volts — 600Vac (or less)
                    — 300Vdc (or less)
          Amps — 1-600A
                IR — 300,000A RMS Sym.
                    — 100,000A dc
  • JKS Class J
   Description: Fast-acting, current-limiting fuse.
Construction: Melamine tube with silver fuse         
           Volts — 600Vac (or less)
          Amps — 1-600A
                IR — 200,000A RMS Sym.
  • DFJ Class J
   Description: High speed, current-limiting fuse. The  
   new Cooper Bussmann Drive Fuse will provide
   maximum protection for AC and DC drives and
   controllers and meet NEC branch circuit protection
   requirements. The Drive Fuse has the lowest I2t of
   any branch circuit fuse to protect power
   semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs,
   SCRs and SSRs.
Features: Quick-Acting, Current-Limiting
           Ampere Rating: 1 to 60A
                                     70 To 600A
           Voltage Rating: 600Vac (or less)*
     Interrupting Rating: 200,000A RMS Sym.

  • JTD Class J
    Description: Time-Delay
Voltage Ratings:
            AC: 600 Volts
            DC: 300 Volts (8⁄10-100A) 500 Volts (110 –
Interrupting Ratings:
            AC: 200,000 amperes rms symmetrical 300,000
                   amperes rms symmetrical (Littelfuse self-
Ampere Range:
            8/10 – 600 amperes
            AC: Standard 248-8, Class J ULListed (File No:
                   E81895) CSA Certified  (File No: LR29862)
            DC: Littelfuse self-certified
                   8⁄10 - 100A: 300VDC self certified
                   110 – 600A: 500VDC self certified
  • JLS Class J
    Description: Fast-Acting
Voltage Ratings: 600 Volts AC
Interrupting Ratings: 200,000 amperes rms
Ampere Range: 1 – 600 amperes
Approvals: Standard 248-8, Class J UL Listed (File
                        No: E81895) CSA Certified (File No:
                        LR29862) QPL: Federal Specification
                        No: WF-1814
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