We are a division of Fuseco Inc. that deals primarily with high
voltage fuses. However, our fuse experts will be able to assist
you in whatever fuse need you may have. While we do
primarily deal with high voltage fuses, our fuse experts
possess knowledge on other types of fuses as well. We stock
a full line of the following fuses:
  • Class J
  • Class CC
  • Class L
  • Class RK5 & RK1
  • Class T
  • Midget
  • One-Time
  • Semiconductor & Rectifier
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Ferrule
  • Fast-Acting
  • Time-Delay
  • Slow Blow fuses.

We can supply almost any fuse you need, and answer almost
any fuse question you might have.

What sets Fuseco Inc. apart from the
competition is not only our superior knowledge
and expertise, but we will pay the freight on
regular UPS Ground shipments where the order
is over $40.00
Medium Voltage Fuses
A Division of FUSECO Inc.
Let us provide you with a fast,
cost-effective, solution to whatever
fuse need that you require.
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